This Is the Worst Confederate Statue We've Ever Seen

Mother Jones

Nathan Bedford Forrest is still all over the place in Tennessee. A state park is named for him, a bronze bust of his image watches over the state Capitol, and a grandiose monument of him resides at his grave in Memphis. But his most gripping presence may be along Interstate 65, running through Nashville, where there's a can't-miss-it statue of Forrest—he's atop a horse, with a sword in his right hand, a pistol in his left, surrounded by Confederate flags. His mouth is stretched in a battle cry as his horse rears up with ears laid flat against its skull. Forrest was a Tennessee-born lieutenant general in the Confederate Army; after the Civil War ended, he focus...

Megan Barry, a candidate in Nashville's upcoming mayoral race, is now proposing that trees and shrubbery be planted along I-65 to hide the eyesore and object of (renewed) contention. "Symbols matter, and we have definitely seen that symbols can awaken in people all kinds of racism," Barry told Mother Jones. "Things like the Confederate flag and Nathan Bedford Forrest, they have their places in museums, but they don't have their place as a celebration of heritage in the public space."


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