Megan Barry to Judge Moreland: It's not about politics

The Tennessean

"Judge Moreland says he regrets making a poor decision and apologizes for it. OK, judges make lots of tough calls and they can't be right all the time. But (Police) Chief (Steve) Anderson didn't write that letter merely because the judge made an unfortunate decision. The chief's letter is a scathing indictment of PROCESS – how Judge Moreland's tragically bad decision grew out of a highly inappropriate one-sided insider process that should never be acceptable. I see Judge Moreland in his public comments professing to feel bad about his decision, but I don't see him acknowledging that the way he arrived at that decision offends the very meaning of fair and impartial justice and betrays victims who expect the courts to safeguard their interests. Failing to grasp these basic and crucial aspects of what went wrong in this situation, Judge Moreland does not belong on the bench.

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