Megan Barry Releases Open Letter to Eskind Rebrovick Supporters Re: Transportation

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 17, 2015) — Mayoral candidate Megan Barry today released the following open letter to the supporters of Linda Eskind Rebrovick:

"One of my favorite parts of this year's campaign was getting to know Linda Eskind Rebrovick. As the two women in a crowded field, I always felt like we were kindred spirits — both ready to go to work and break a glass ceiling. Most of all, I was impressed with Linda's business acumen and policy ideas. I want to assure Linda and her supporters that, as mayor, I will draw on her Policy Book in the effort to improve Metro government for all citizens.


"Linda and I share a special affinity for alternative methods of transportation. We need more bikeways and walkways, along with more transit options, for those who don't want to travel by car. Linda rightfully pointed out that we need to consider different methodologies for deciding on future transportation projects by looking more closely at actual needs versus chasing federal dollars. Our current and previous mayors began this work. Now, with an additional 1 million people projected to move into the Nashville area over the next 20 years, it will be more critical than ever.


"Of course, alternative methods of transportation are only part of the solution. We need to find a better way to manage our existing traffic. Linda's ideas to 'make our roads smarter' resonated with all Nashvillians who spent time this summer sitting in traffic. Scaling the use of adaptive sensors on traffic lights, which respond in real time to congestion and help traffic flow more efficiently, is a great place to start. We also need to better leverage GPS systems and mobile apps to manage traffic. With technology more effective and affordable than ever, this is eminently sensible.


"Linda's vision for a 'Smarter Nashville' helped define substantive discussions this year about our city and its future. I enjoyed spending time with Linda on the campaign trail, I'm proud to call her a friend, and I look forward to working with Linda and her supporters to take Nashville to the next level.




Megan Barry

Candidate for Mayor”

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