NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 18, 2015) – Over 35 past, current, and future Councilmembers have joined with Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors to endorse their support for Megan Barry to be our next mayor of Nashville. 

"I want Nashville to continue to move forward and in order to do so, we must elect Megan Barry to be our next mayor,” said Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors. 

“I wouldn’t be standing here today unless I trusted that she had the best interest of all Nashvillians in mind, and that she will ensure that everyone has a voice in how best to grow Nashville over the next four years,” said Councilmember at-large Tim Garrett. “I am proud to endorse Megan Barry as our next mayor, and I would ask that all of those who have voted for me in the past would consider her as their choice to lead Davidson County into the future.”

“Megan, being the first member of the Metro Council to be Mayor, will have the unique perspective, insight and experience that will allow her to begin working on day one on behalf of Davidson County,” said Councilmember At-large Ronnie Steine. 

“Over the last eight years, Megan Barry and I have partnered together on important legislation that has helped to improve the lives of working families and grow our economy,” said Councilmember at-large Jerry Maynard. “I know that as mayor, Megan Barry will have an administration that reflects the diversity of Nashville, ensuring that there is equal opportunity for all.”

“It has been my great pleasure to serve as a Councilmember at-large with many of these amazing Nashvillians over the last eight years, and I look forward to working with those who have yet to take office as your next mayor,” said Councilmember At-large Megan Barry. “I know that working together, we continue to grow our economy while tackling some of the tough challenges that growth brings so that we can keep Nashville moving forward.” 

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