Democrats Missed Opportunity for a Win on Tuition Equality

Nashville Scene

Heading into Wednesday's House vote on a bill which would have allowed undocumented students who graduated from Tennessee high schools the chance to pay in-state tuition, there were 53 votes lined up in favor of the plan.

And then votes started melting away. A coalition of GOP and Democratic representatives that had the 50-vote minimum needed for passage became 49 when it came time to actually act. The Republicans who defected were almost understandable, given the anti-immigration wave currently rolling through the party. But the part that stung the most for Democrats? Two of their own didn't vote...

Pith asked every campaign for their reaction to the vote and two Nashville legislators missing it. Here were their responses:

Megan Barry: “I am heartbroken about the narrow defeat of the tuition equality bill yesterday. I personally know students who would have qualified for in-state tuition rates under the proposed legislation. All they want is a chance to learn and build a better life, and they were denied that opportunity for no good reason yesterday.


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